Pondmaster Supreme Hydroponics Pump 1200 GPH


Pondmaster 02712 1200 GPH Pond-Mag 12 Pump:

  • Pond pump
  • Submersible
  • Pondmaster magnetic drive pumps are specifically designed to meet the demands of a pond
  • Made to run continuously
  • Highly energy efficient using less energy than direct driven pumps
  • Filled with epoxy, rather than oil, these pumps cannot leak oil into the pond, which can be harmful or fatal to fish and plants
  • Low maintenance with only one moving part, a ceramic shaft and impeller
  • Features an ABS case, corrosion-proof fasteners and heavy duty copper windings, resulting in a durable, energy-efficient and long lasting pump
  • Ideally suited for medium to large garden fountains, piped statuary, waterfalls and ponds
  • Included pre-filter keeps the pump running smoothly
  • Equipped to accept 3/4″ NPT threaded fittings
  • Inlet accepts 3/4″ MIPT threaded fittings
  • Outlet accepts 3/4″ FIPT threaded fittings
  • 13.5′ maximum head shut off
  • 110 Watts
  • 120 volt single phase
  • 18′ cord
  • 6.5″ x 5.5″ x 3″
  • 1200 gph maximum flow
  • Ever since our modest beginnings in 1934, Danner Manufacturing (a family owned and operated business) has developed and produced innovative products for hobbyists and professionals
  • When we introduced our original Dynamaster air pumps we quickly became the standard to which others aspired
  • Over 75 years later, our sophisticated and energy-efficient, magnetically driven and hybrid pumps continue to be popular products that continue to develop thousands of satisfied and loyal customers all over North America
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Weight12 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in