Deeper Diffusers Perform Better

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Deeper Diffusers Perform Better

Why Kasco Diffusers Work Best in Water 8 ft. and Deeper

By Kasco Marine, November 7, 2017

Written by Robust-Aire™ Category Manager, Matt Frey

Did you know that the deeper you can place your diffusers, the more it will help improve your water quality? Diffused aeration oxygen transfer efficiency increases with pond depth and the amount of contact time the air bubbles have with the water column. That is the reason Kasco recommends Robust-Aire™ systems in ponds 8 ft. deep or deeper.


The deeper a diffuser is placed the more time the bubbles have to entrain vast amounts of dead, bottom water and carry it to the surface where the harmful gases (mostly methane and sulfur compounds) can vent into the atmosphere and oxygen can enter the water.


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