Microbe-Lift Defend 16oz.


Microbe-Lift Defend 16oz.


Combines healing and protective coating with fast results when treating shredded fins, cuts, scratches and/or abrasions

  • Provides protection against secondary bacterial infection
  • Contains double slime -coat protection, electrolytes, and vitamin B-12.
  • Can be combined with other MICROBE-LIFT treatments

Formerly labeled as Anti-Fungal Treatment

Product Description:

  • Combines 2 major anti-fungal ingredients plus a slime coat stimulator
  • Contains a healant to assist a natural slime-coat to mend and protect damaged tissues
  • Intended for use with all pond, ornamental and aquarium fish and not for use with invertebrates

Safe for Fish and Plants 

Direction for use:

Remove any carbon from pond or filter and maintain aeration in the treatment area (pond or quarantine tank).

Dose at the rate of one fluid ounce per 60 gallons (227 L.)

Prior to the initial use of MICROBE- LIFT/DEFEND a partial water change of 25% or more should be made. Carbon filtration must be removed during treatment. 

MICROBE-LIFT/ Defend is best used in a separate quarantine/treatment (Q/T) tank. If after 3 treatments, signs of the disease being treated persist, perform a large water change (up to 50%), replace the carbon filtration and consider using an alternative treatment.

(CAUTION: Do not stop other filtration.)

16oz Bottle Treats up to 960 US Gallons
32oz Bottle Treats up to 1,920 US Gallons
1 Gallon Bottle Treats up to 7,680 US Gallons

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