Helix Settlement Tank 3 inch Inlet


Helix Settlement Tank 3 inch Inlet


BENEFITS of The Helix Settlement Tank

  • Removes waste and debris from bottom drain wastewater BEFORE it enters the pump and filtration sysytem
  • Provides easy access to settled debris for removal by sump pump (not included)
  • Basket and material that protect line to pump are easily removed

FEATURES of The Helix Settlement Tank

  • Heavu Duty Roto Molded Body
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Made in America
  • High Quality Plumbing Parts
  • Tank dimensions are 32″ Long x 32″ Wide x 32″ High
  • 3500 gph flow
  • Comes with 18″ filter basket filter basket, 2 bags of media, center drain and one knofe valve with 45

USE of the Helix Settlement Tank

  • These tanks do not come pre-drilled as they have numerous points of entry with uses that depend entirely on the positioning of the tank and other equipment
  • The settlement tank should be located as close as possible to the edge of the pond
  • The water level inside the tank will be exactly the same as the water level in the pond. Position the tank so that “overflow” to pump will be safely under water


  • Additional drilled hole and knife valve for draining
  • Can be quickly drained with sump pump (not included)
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Weight85 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in